Persevering in faith

We shared with our students a sweet children’s book titled The Carrot Seed. In the story a young boy plants a carrot seed and cares for it. No one else believes the carrot will grow, but the little boy has faith. In the end the boy is rewarded by pulling up a huge carrot! Our school is a little like the story. Through perseverance and faith in God we have been growing! Even in difficult times, we have been able to provide support to many families who would not otherwise be able to attend our wonderful school.

Doing God’s work together

It’s a blessing to provide a Catholic Education, but we can’t do it without your gifts! Your support enables us to make a tremendous difference in the lives of many children. Since 2019 we have awarded 211 scholarships! That is an amazing demonstration of God’s blessing and also your faithfulness.

Let’s keep it up!

Please consider how you can “adopt” a student this year. It’s a wonderful way to pass on some of God’s generosity to you, and to help grow God’s kingdom.

There are many families in our parish who would love to give their children a faith-filled education at St. Peter’s School, but financial obstacles prevent them from doing so. Father Andrew is seeking parishioners who would be willing to help financially sponsor these students so that they can experience a Catholic Education.
Sure! Say that there is a single military dad with two children. By sacrificing, he could pay half of their tuition. A $5000 “adopt-a-student” sponsorship could cover the other half of the tuition, allowing both children to attend St. Peter’s School. We could also combine smaller sponsorships from several parishioners to achieve the same goal.
• Sponsorships can be done as a pledge paid monthly / quarterly to the school for the student.
• $5000 would cover one full tuition, or partial scholarships for two or more children.
• You can also sponsor a half-year ($2500), a quarter ($1250), a month ($500), or a set of school uniforms ($100).
• Gifts are tax deductible.

Yes! You can give online through Saint Peter’s Catholic Church and select the Adopt A Student fund. Give online.

Our principal, Ann Feltner, would be happy to tell you more about our school or our “Adopt a Student” program. Please reach out to us here at the school.