Dear Saint Peter’s Families and Friends,

Welcome to Saint Peter’s Catholic School, we are truly blessed to have an outstanding school in which we are forming both Saints and Scholars.

I dearly love Saint Peter’s and my goal is to continue to lead this school to excellence, and ensure that it is always at the heart of our parish. I am truly committed to Catholic education, as our children are the future.

As a Catholic school educators, we have been entrusted with the specific task of imparting the Gospel of Jesus to His children. Our purpose is to produce leaders in academics and servants in faith.

It is the key aim of our school to provide an environment, and an ever-growing, educational program, that encompasses all elements of the whole child. This includes the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social aspects, in preparation for the vocations to which our children will be called. Each day, we strive to meet the needs of all our students and recognize the individual uniqueness God has instilled in each one of them.

Our school has a clearly articulated, rigorous curriculum in which a Catholic worldview is imbedded throughout, providing a multitude of opportunities for each student to achieve academic excellence. Our teachers are highly qualified, kind, generous, and wholeheartedly committed to their students. We are grateful every day for our pastor, teachers and staff, board members, parents, and steadfast volunteers who make our school a success!

God bless,

Ann M. Feltner