A Family’s Shared their Experience after the 1OOth Day…

100 days of school, 100 days of being a normal kid, 100 days of PE, Spanish, Music, Technology, Atrium and Art, 100 days my son has been surrounded by God’s glory in a place full of acceptance and love, 100 days of a normal schedule from 7:30am-5:30pm, 100 days of normalcy during a pandemic, 100 days that mommy and daddy can go to work to support our family and community . . .

Beyond blessed for the St. Peter’s Catholic School, teachers and staff for showing up every day to be a light and beacon of hope during an awful time. Despite the uncertainty in our chaotic world, we have normalcy on Lady’s Island in St. Peter’s Catholic School and for that I am forever grateful.

Alison Inglis

I chose St. Peter’s Catholic School for my son because of the fun memories I have there as a child, and because of the bright future ahead for this wonderful school. My son is thriving in a stimulating environment with strong Christian values, where he gets individual attention and exciting opportunities. He looks forward to going to school as much as I did when I attended St. Peter’s. Some things have changed, but a quality education never does! St. Peter’s offers something you can’t find anywhere else. Go Cardinals!

-Alumna Alison Inglis and William (K-3)

Daniel Feltner

Having your children grow up to be well-rounded, educated individuals is something that Alumnus Daniel Feltner understands as a goal of many parents. He attended St. Peter’s and now has daughters, Delilah (3rd Grade) and Cami (1st Grade), enrolled at the school. “It was important for us to enroll our children at St. Peter’s where we knew they would get an excellent Catholic-centered education, and also learn about how they should treat others.”

-Alumnus Daniel Feltner, Delilah (3rd Grade) and Cami (1st Grade)

Stephanie Whiteside

Stephanie Carroll Whiteside was a member of St. Peter’s very first 1st grade class in 1991. A graduate of St. Peter’s 8th grade in 1998, she is now a pharmacist and has her sons, Carter (3rd Grade) and Gibson (K-5) enrolled at St. Peter’s this year. “My husband and I decided from the get go that we wanted our children to have the same Catholic education that we did, My family can trace back five generations and we all received Catholic educations. So it was very important to us to continue the tradition and offer the solid education along with the strong faith formation.”

– Alumna Stephanie Whiteside and Carter (K-4)

Connor and Molly Murphy

Connor Murphy graduated from St. Peter’s in 2006 and graduated from BHS in 2010 ranked number 4 in his class. He then attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in history. Connor is currently a Surface Warfare Officer serving aboard the USS Hopper which is stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Molly Murphy graduated from St. Peter’s in 2009 and graduated from BHS in 2013 ranked number 3 in her class. Molly currently attends the University of South Carolina on a ROTC scholarship. She hopes to be a helicopter pilot in the Navy when she commissions. Molly was just named to the USC President’s list in recognition of excellent performance this spring semester.

-Alumni Connor and Molly Murphy