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Art Club meets for 4-6 sessions throughout the school year, and is for grades 2-6.

The Celebration Team does just what the title says, they celebrate…birthdays, sports events, awards, etc.

They also pray for people, offer contests, and post scriptures for inspiration.
This is a small team that works before or after school at a time convenient to members of the team.

Open to 4-6th grade students

Chess Club is for 4-6th grade students.

Meets 2x a month for 45 minutes. Date for meetings to be determined by participants and adult moderators.

The Diggers Club meets:

2x a month (1st & 3rd Tuesdays) from August through the fall, take a break for winter months and reconvene in March through May.

They clean up the campus, plant flowers, vegetables, pull weeds, and take care of the equipment we use.

Open to all grade levels

This team meets twice a month (2nd & 4th Tuesdays) to sort the recyclable containers that are in classrooms and offices throughout the school. We will also be crushing aluminum cans at each meeting.

They transport all materials to the designated spots on campus for distribution to other recycling centers.

Open to all grade levels.

These clubs are by invitation, for grades 3-6, and meet after school frequently throughout the school year to prepare to compete with other Catholic schools in the South Carolina’s Independent Schools Association (SCISA) and other Diocese of Charleston schools.