The Pre-K3 curriculum is designed to encompass the concept of the whole child. This includes the child’s social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and moral development. The program is designed to be safe and nurturing, while also promoting optimal cognitive development. Children are taught in various types of instructional methods, large group, small group, and individually. The Pre-K3 curriculum introduces the concepts of math, language, creative expression, socials skills, and spiritual thinking.


Mathematics focuses on both the receptive and expressive forms of thinking:

  • Numbers; both counting and recognizing.
  • Sorting; by various attributes such as color, size, and shape.
  • Shapes from the basics (triangle, circle square,) to the more complex (diamond, star and oval.)

Language and Literacy

  • Recognize upper case letters and are introduced to lower case letters and letter sounds.
  • Recognize and spell their names, recognize, and name the eight basic colors (red, green, orange, blue, purple, yellow, black, brown.)
  • Penmanship is encouraged through the writing of one’s name.
  • The concept of today, tomorrow, and yesterday, along with the days of the week.

Social Emotional

Learning manners, sharing, following directions, and being able to develop friendships, is the core of Social and Emotional development. Children are encouraged to explore their world in new and challenging ways to develop their self-confidence, coordination, and motor skills.

Creative Expression

In creative expression children are encouraged to move, dance, and sing songs to express themselves and their emotions. Using scissors, glue, markers, paint, and crayons children are encouraged to express their own artistic interpretation.


Spiritually, our students are prepared to be well-rounded. Religion is taught primarily in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (the Atrium), as well as using a children’s Bible and the SEEDS booklets. They are introduced different cultures, traditions, and to the Catholic Faith. Children are taught about God and Jesus’ love for them, Mary the Mother of God, the meaning behind many of our religious holidays, the life of Jesus, and many other important people from the Bible. Pre-K3 joins in a school-wide praying of the Rosary three times a year; October, May, and the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Father Andrew Trapp visits once a week to talk about Jesus and pray with the students. Sister Agnes visits to provide classroom support and read to the class.


In Pre-K3 children attend a different Special each day, Art, Technology, Music, and Physical Education. Children are also introduced to the Spanish Language. Once a week they participate in Atrium to learn about the Catholic faith.


The resources Pre-K3 uses in guidance with their curriculum are ABCya, Brain Pop Junior, Storyline Online, and The Writing Our Catholic Faith handwriting book.