Friday, August 30, 2019

Good Afternoon, Saint Peter’s Catholic School Families and Friends,

As you may already know, our area may be experiencing hurricane storm conditions over the next few days due to Hurricane Dorian making its way toward our Atlantic Coastline.

As we have communicated to you in the past, please know that in response to possible upcoming weather conditions, Saint Peter’s Catholic School and Parish, along with the other Catholic schools in our deanery, we will continue to follow Beaufort County School District’s policy on cancellations, delays, and closures. This is unless otherwise noted, or if the Catholic schools of the deanery decide to make separate decisions. We will inform you of any changes as soon as decisions are made.

Updates will be communicated via email and/or text on RenWeb, social media, and on the website, (as we have done in the past), and we will give you the appropriate information as soon as possible.

With that having been said, please do not be alarmed when your child brings home textbooks and materials today. We are being pro-active so that Saint Peter’s Catholic School can participate in Virtual School. In the event of school closure, to make the best use of the time away from school, and to avoid potential make-up days, your child’s teacher will continue to post lesson plans on RenWeb.

The lessons will cover the time that we are out of school and will focus on the core subjects/curriculum. These will come to you with specific instructions on how to complete them and what is required. Please check RenWeb and your email as frequently as is possible.

We do ask that you make every effort to have your children work on completing the assignments that their teachers have posted. When we return to school, the assignments will need to be turned into the classroom teacher.

Let us hope and pray that we will be back in school next Tuesday, September 3rd.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Ann M Feltner, Principal