Can you help us make a dream come true for our littlest students?

Saint Peter’s Catholic School would like to build an amazing new playground for our students ages 3-5, right in front of the school for maximum safety.

“Peter’s Adventure” will be themed after the apostle Peter: the children can play in Peter’s house, take a ride in his fishing boat, and even walk on water to Jesus!

Here are some preliminary drawings to convey the idea:

Peter’s Adventure will feature cushioned artificial turf, creating land next to the Sea of Galilee.

The children can play inside Peter’s house or go up on the roof, where five slides await!

Out in the water, children can climb onto Peter’s boat, which rocks like a see-saw!

Out on the sea, a storm! Spinners are always a big hit with kids.

Like Peter, the children can “walk” on the water towards Jesus!
(Shown is a placeholder, representing a child-friendly 3D statue.)

No playground is complete without a great set of swings!

The back of Peter’s house, with many ways to climb up!

What Peter would see, peering down from heaven.

If you would like to help with this project, would you please contact our principal, Ann Feltner? Working together, we can make this dream a reality!